5 Table Setting Hacks for the Perfect Dinner Party

5 Table Setting Hacks for the Perfect Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party isn’t always easy. Especially if it’s your first time hosting or you’re merely pressed for time.

Unleash your inner Martha Stewart with these easy decorating ideas to style your dinner party table.

1. Accessorize your table

Delight your guests with a visual feast by adorning your table with some interesting pieces. This will gently steer your guests with anticipation for delicious food.

Inject life, love, and color in the dining table with some greenery, flowers, or fruits.

Add a dramatic ambiance, by using candles in candelabras or tea lights in glass holders.

2. Little details

Little details like handmade napkin rings add a touch of charm to any table. Simple chair covers in bold colors are also a great way to transform the appearance of dining chairs.

For a touch of elegance, bring out your finest serving pieces, and use a beautiful fabric as a tablecloth.

Place your beverage bottles in a silver tray to prevent spills on the tablecloth.

Use flatware that’s suitable for the meal. When serving meat, have proper steak knives on hand.

3. Use a rolling cart

Rolling carts aren’t just for coffee; you can also use them for efficiency. Instead of carrying your plates and utensils from your kitchen to your dining table multiple times, you can just stock your rolling cart with your tableware, roll it across the room, and set up your table quickly. Plus, it lessens the chances of someone slipping, and breaking your plates in the process.

Moreover, you may also use the same rolling cart as a refilling station. After you’ve set up your table, place your sauces and dips, more cutleries (you know, just in case), or a filled water pitcher for quick and easy refilling.

4. Beverage station

Set up a self-service beverage station on a side table. Slice fresh lemons and other garnishes, and put them in clear glass tumblers.

5. Set up a kid’s table

If your guests are bringing their kids, you can set up a table just for kids. Buy colorful paper cups and paper plates for the kids to minimize the chances of an “accident.”

Dinner parties don’t have to be super fancy to be great. At the end of the night, your table setup is just a tool to help your guests get full and enjoy your company so that you don’t have to sweat it, and everyone gets to enjoy a lovely evening.


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