Let the Summer Games Begin

Let the summer games begin!


You know what makes hot summer nights much better? Game night parties! Now you have all the time in the world to plan and have one. So wouldn’t it be nice to make your summer  game night extra special? Here are a few tips:

1. Make the summer part of your games.

Some games can be customized to have a summer theme! Are you doing charades? Think of summer-only stuff to guess. Is it bingo? Print summer-themed bingo cards. Pretty much any game board can be dressed up to have a summer feel, too! If you’re feeling particularly creative (or if you want to surprise your gaming pals) then you can also create an original game just for the night.

2. Tropical snacks are perfect.

If you’re the grab-and-go type, you can take advantage of many summer-flavored treats now hitting the stores. But if you’re feeling more creative (or adventurous), you can top off those cookie sandwiches with some extra cream and a small slice of tropical fruit! Traditional game night food such as chips and dips shouldn’t take the back burner, though.

3. Have something for the memories.

A party is a party, so aside from the goodies you can also design a simple selfie corner where your guests can immortalize their wins for the night. You can create a summer-themed scoreboard as the backdrop, too!

4. Don’t forget the swag bags.

Did we mention goodies back there? Let them take home a slice of the summer fun with anything tropical-flavored, in brightly colored bags (bundled up colored paper also works great). Everything from fruit preserves to limited-edition flavors of your favorite snacks can go in that bag.

5. And the props, too!

You can really feel the summer when the whole ambience speaks of it! You may want to consider dressing up your chairs and tables, or hanging a streamer on the walls. You can even have your guests wear Hawaiian shirts or any other summer-themed clothes!

The possibilities are endless, and so is the fun. Just make sure you get your planning on point, and give your guests ample time in case you’re having them wear themed clothes for the game night.


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