6 Ways to a Spectacular Summer Wedding

6 Ways to a Spectacular Summer Wedding

For those with wedding bells ringing, summer means it’s time for beach destination weddings and sunflower bouquets. But even better than that, we have some tips to make sure that you really imbibe the spirit of summer into your wedding ceremony.

1. Play with color

Summer is often defined by its colors, either through its bright tones or its pastel shades. But standing out against the vibrant glow of nature by going monotone is also an option! Choose a color that contrasts neatly with your surroundings, such as white and silver against a forest backdrop.

2. Wear it light

Long, trailing gowns would look out of place in a summer wedding (they’re best reserved for autumn and winter). Try a looser attire with bold strokes of color! You can even go for a little splash of print if you think you can pull it off.

3. Accessorizing is key

The beauty of summer is also in its small details. Accessorize with something that speaks “sun and bloom”, such as buds or bright flowers. Make sure they also contrast nicely with the rest of the attire, to make them stand out.

4. A casual reception

In keeping with the “light” theme, style your reception as you would a courtyard barbeque or a picnic. Wicker baskets and lawn chairs are in the vogue, or those with wooden accents if you’re in a beach destination. Giveaways like bubble makers would also add to the ambience.

5. Provide for the sun (and more)

It’s highly likely people would break out a sweat during the ceremony, so make sure you come prepared. Depending on your locale, you can shell out for some umbrellas, fans, sun blocks, insect repellents, or anything you think would make the guests more comfortable.

6. Play with shape and texture

Another neat trick to make your ceremony stand out is to play with the shapes and textures of your decor. You don’t always have to meld in with the environment. A spic-and-span clearing in a nature setting would, for example, have a particularly striking effect. Smooth textures in a rough-hewn paradise would also do the same.

As always, creativity and thinking out of the box is key for a spectacular summer wedding.


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