Plan For A Memorable Family Reunion

Plan For A Memorable Family Reunion

Family reunions can be make-or-break affairs. Done well, they are the venue for timeless memories and the rekindling of old ties. Done wrong, they can be fairly disastrous.

When the task of organizing a family reunion falls in your hands, how do you make sure it becomes a resounding success? We have put together a few essential tips.

1. Start early, and build the core

Starting the planning process at least half a year before the slated date should give you enough time not just to track down all members of your family and send them an invite, but also to receive responses from them. But before doing so, make sure you clearly delineate which members of the family should be invited. Are we talking just about the direct-line family, or the extended unit? Each branch of the family tree would considerably increase your attendees, so set defined limits.

While waiting for a response from your family, build the core of the event. This includes the budget and the bare-bones team that will help you with the organization. Starting this early would help you iron out the basics (theme, venue, setup, suppliers, etc.) before tackling the more complex logistic issues.

Create a checklist for everything that you’ll need before, during and after the reunion. Delegate tasks so that one or two persons won’t have to do everything.

2. Activities and memories

Make sure to set various activities that are fit for the various age groups of your audience. You won’t want anyone to get left behind in the fun. Include games for the kids, karaoke fun for the adults and dancing for everyone.

3. Share your family story

Celebrate your family heritage. Swap stories of old family traditions, reminisce the good old days, and recognize prominent or successful family members. Bring out old photos and memorabilia. Incorporate your favorite food, music and decorations from your family’s hometown or ancestral homeland.

4. Say cheese!

Take lots of photos and videos during the occasion. Make sure to set things up so that you have a ton of photo opportunities. Capture the laughter, smiles and connections made during the day. These occasions are meant to make memories, after all.

5. Keep in touch

Keep the fun going by keeping in touch with family members. Create a digital photo album and video footage of the reunion. Set up a website or a page where everyone can keep in touch.

Setting up a family reunion may be a tricky and tiring process, but take these tips into account and you would have a definite leg up in your planning!


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