Pizza Day Fun Facts

Pizza Day Fun Facts

Pizza lovers rejoice! Do you know that there’s such a thing as National Pizza Day and it’s celebrated on February 9th every year? Yes, we’re past that day now, but since it’s still February, let’s do a belated celebration by treating ourselves with some cool facts about America’s favorite slice.

Why a Pizza Day?

While there’s no clear reason why February 9 was chosen (aside maybe from the fact that February is also the National Snack Food Month), there are no questions as to why pizza is being celebrated. It’s been a long-standing American favorite, ever since the first pizzeria, Lombardi’s, opened its doors in 1905.

Nowadays, Pizza day is being celebrated in many venues, with private pizza parties and other gatherings solely revolving around this disc of cheesy, meaty, doughy goodness. There are even some restaurants giving away free pizza, what with the recommendation that everyone consume at least 5 slices on this day!

Pizza through the Years

  • Did you know that pizza used to be a poor man’s meal? This was noted by author Alexandre Dumas (of The Three Musketeers fame) when he traveled to Naples in 1835. According to him, the poor survived on eating nothing but pizza the whole winter!
  • And yes, pizza was already called “pizza” during this time. In fact, the term already existed way back in year 997, as evidenced by a Latin text at the time.
  • World War II was instrumental in spreading pizza to America. The local Italian specialty was discovered by GIs who were tired of eating their rations day-in, day-out!
  • Pizza was not sold by the pie until 1933, when Patsy’s Pizzeria started the trend. This was almost immediately picked up by its competitors.
  • Frozen pizza did not come until much later, in 1962. The technology of the time made this variant abhorrent for pizza lovers, until it was renovated by pioneer pizzeria owner Rose Totino.
  • Hawaiian pizza was also invented in 1962, and was not in any way related to Hawaii. It was created by Sam Panopoulos, of Greek descent. It was also invented in Canada.
  • Since it was the ‘60s when pizza really became national, pizza deliveries had been used by the US Military at this time to spy on people!

Pizza has had a really colorful history, and it’s great to remember these not-so-well-known facts as we again indulge this fun food holiday!

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