Build The Perfect Wedding Theme With These Three Tips

It’s not an understatement to say that a wedding is the most important occasion in a woman’s life. Hence, it is only proper that all preparations be made to make it as special as can be.

But weddings are also fairly commonplace, and millions of it happen in a single year! So how can you make yours stand out?

It all starts with choosing a good theme. The concept of a “standard” wedding is long gone, and tying the knot could now take any form the bride and groom wishes it to be. Now you don’t just rent tables and chairs and cover them with lace. You need to have a cohesive theme. Having a fabulous theme could make your wedding not only unique, but it can also turn the wedding into a grand experience by unifying everything and moving the event in a single direction.

How will you choose your wedding theme? Here are some handy tips.

1. Break free from the wedding box, then zoom in.

If you want your theme to stand out, you should look at many other places outside of the standard packages you see in weddings. While “beach” and “tropical” each have their own romantic ring, you would need something far more specific. How about taking after the design of the couple’s favorite store, or designing the set with your favorite pieces of furniture? If you’re going to be wed on location, you may test out which designs work by touring the local area. Pair your out-of-the-box thinking with a laser focus and you’ll find yourself a good theme. As a plus, it’s also easier for you to carry out the design since you can visualize everything more clearly.

2. Blend in with the seasons.

Use the elements of the season. Your color palette could feature dark tones for winter and pastel for spring. Bright colors are perfect for summer, and come autumn you could rent chairs and tables in earthy tones.

3. Go for the mood.


wedding theme

How do you feel about the wedding? What does it personally mean to you, and how do you get that across to the guests? Maybe you want something light and glitzy, or something more serious and solemn. Or maybe you’re going for something more surreal or out of this world.

Talk with your wedding designers and ask them about the best way to incorporate your chosen mood into the wedding theme and the design.

With some mindful planning and trusty wedding providers, you can turn any idea into reality. All it takes is a little creativity and some inspiration!


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