Party On! It’s World Party Day!

Party On! It’s World Party Day!

Woot woot! Prepare your paper hats and your party crackers, because April 3rd has been designated as World Party Day! After the tomfoolery of April 1st, the world is getting together to celebrate the very notion of “celebration”!

But if you think this is just another excuse to get together for some eats, booze, and music, think about this for a second: World Party Day was conceived with an altruistic and philanthropic goal in mind. Read on to find out more.

1. The World Party Day was inspired by the events of Vanna Bonta’s 1995 novel, Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel. Towards the end of the book, all the people of the world celebrated in unison on April 3, 2000.

2. From here, the concept of the P-Day (as it is colloquially called) grew to encompass the very idea of joy and the things that bring it about. It has been decided that the thing worth celebrating the most is the realization of a better world, with humans working hand in hand to promote peace and progress.

3. Since then, the World Party Day has come to celebrate everything that is good in the world. It is also being used as a venue for the promotion of social change advocacies, and the mobilization of resources towards worthwhile projects. News of the celebration has also spread like wildfire thanks to the Internet and new media.

4. World Party Day can be celebrated privately or in large groups. But since the idea is a global party, celebrants are encouraged to post on social media using the hashtag #WorldPartyDay. There is even a slogan in use: “Pass the meals and switch in the music!”

world party day

5. There are also various customs that have sprung up from the concept of P-Day. The Quadrille Dance Parade, for example, began in 2000. At its peak, more than 20,000 people danced in unison from three dozen cities across the world.

6. There are also petitions now circulating in different countries to declare the World Party Day as a national holiday — another step in it becoming a truly global celebration.

So, what plans do you have for April 3rd? Whatever they are, don’t forget the ultimate goal of the celebration: to spread the love to all corners of the earth!


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