Make Your Office Holiday Party Extra Special

Make Your Office Holiday Party Extra Special


The end of the year is approaching and many businesses are planning to have an office holiday party.

The office is a place not just for work but also for camaraderie among the employees. It’s important to celebrate milestones as well as special events to promote camaraderie.

One special event worth celebrating is the year-end, marking a year’s worth of hard work from everyone. 

Here are a few tips that would help bring out the best in the team while also making sure that everyone will be filled with cheerful spirit during the office holiday party.

1. Focus on your company values

We know holiday parties could have really broad themes, but try narrowing it down to your company values to make it more meaningful. Choose one or two that you wish to highlight. These may be values that shone brightly throughout the year, or something you wish to focus on for the coming one. Then, build your decors and party ideas around this core concept.

Is diversity one of your company values? Since many cultures celebrate their own year-end holidays, consider holding a multi-cultural food festival and gift or token exchange. Each one brings a food dish and a small, inexpensive token gift representing their cultural heritage. As the tokens are exchanged, food is shared and tasted. This way, not only will you bring holiday cheer but also boost cultural awareness.

2. Get out of the office

You don’t have to confine your expression of values to the office, either. Yes, you could rent out a venue and get out of your familiar four walls. Highlight the team spirit in a friendly game or sport. Of course, the festivities would follow!

Better yet, you can organize activities like outreach programs to add impact to your holiday activities. Make it a day of giving by locate a local nonprofit and volunteer together. Perhaps you can cook a meal for a homeless shelter or a home for at-risk youth, and eat together as a team. Get inexpensive party favors and sweet treats at your local thrift shop for everyone to enjoy.

3. Split the work

Have specific point people work on various aspects of the party to get everyone working as a team. For a change, they can work with their colleagues in something that isn’t work related. Aside from being a makeshift team-building activity, this is also the perfect way to set your party up fast and easy!

The office holiday party is a great way for employees to unwind and relax in an environment that’s most likely stressing them out for the rest of the year. Make them and their successes the focus of the festivities, and everyone is sure to have a great time!


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