How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake

You probably have tons of ideas for your wedding cake. Well, the cake will most likely be one of the things that people will talk about on your wedding day. Just after the newlyweds, of course. Hence, it’s only right to take time to choose your cake.

Here are 7 tips to remember when choosing your wedding cake.

1. Have a cake budget.

Before you decide to request for all the cake decorations you pinned and bookmarked, set a budget and mention this to your chosen baker so that you both have an idea of what your limits are.

2. Mind the design.

Take note that wedding cakes are usually handmade, piece by piece. It only makes sense that requesting additional design elements would cost you extra, especially those that are edible.

3. Set expectations.

Photos of cakes from magazines and food blogs are usually photoshopped and are not made of real cake. Usually, they are just styrofoam with icing. Consider this when detailing what cake you want.

4. Check your venue.

Will the vertical clearance allow enough space for your ideal cake? If you’re holding your reception indoors, will it be well-ventilated? Take note that meringue, whipped cream and buttercream can’t withstand the heat. If you’re doing it outdoors, mind the weather. If it’s especially windy, will there be scattered leaves that might find their way to your cake?

5. Consider the size.

If you plan to have an intimate event and you want to save on the cake, you can opt for a smaller cake. A multi-tiered cake can be an option, but to make it cheaper, you can request for the top layers to be just decorated styrofoam. If you want to include the cake on the dessert menu and you’ve invited a big number of guests, you should consider getting a sheet cake to be served instead.

6. Choose the flavor you like.

Most couples take into consideration what flavor the guests might like. However, unless you like that flavor, too, and that you are sure it is really what they like, you might end up buying an expensive cake no one wants to eat. It’s better to get a cake that you yourself can feast on.

7. Meet up for taste tests.

Before you set your sights on a specific flavor, you should first meet up with your baker to do a taste test. This is especially necessary when you, your partner or one of your guests have a certain food allergy.


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One thought on “How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake”

  1. It totally makes sense that you’ve mentioned how the couple should at least choose the flavor that they like, as it can be difficult to choose a flavor that the guests will surely love. My fiance and I are about to get married and one of the things that we haven’t talked about is the wedding cake. We’ll have to talk about this and relay our to choice to the organizer as soon as possible so that our preference will be accommodated and we can be sure that we will eat the cake even if nobody from the guests does.

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