How Inflatables Will Increase Attendance at Fundraising Events

Fundraising is hard — very hard. Even if you have a great cause, with so many people asking for money for so many worthy causes (including on sites such as GoFundMe), there is so much competition for funds and for people’s attention that your cause can be lost amongst all of the causes. Basically, you need to get people’s attention and people’s attendance at your fundraising event.

One way you can fight the fundraising blues and increase attendance at your next fundraising benefits is by throwing a carnival-type event with inflatables you rent from Signature Event Rentals based in Virginia. Our customer service is beyond compare. We are always on time and on point when it comes to making sure everything you need is taken care of. Not only do we offer inflatables for your next fundraising event, but we also offer everything you will need to make a great impression and party from tables, chairs, and decor to heaters, a stage, and a popcorn maker. Our mission is to be your one-stop-shop for all of your party rental needs. We serve Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area. Below, we’ll go over just how inflatables will increase attendance at your fundraising event. Contact us today to get started!


Occupy the Kids

If you have kids or have witnessed those with kids, you’ll know that sometimes it’s a constant battle just to keep them out of trouble. Kids, especially toddlers who are still figuring out their legs and how incredible the world is, have a tendency to disappear before you can blink. They can wander off quickly and before you find them again, they have touched every appetizer on a plate, spilled some milk, and gotten their new clothes dirty from watching a worm crawl. At a fundraising event, you may have noticed that parents are too preoccupied with watching their kids and chasing after them to care about what is happening at the event.

When you rent inflatable bounce houses from Signature Event Rentals for your next fundraising event in Virginia, Maryland, or the DC area, you can have a safe place for your attendees’ children to be corralled so that the parents can pay more attention to your event. If it’s a silent auction, you will get more bids. If it’s a raffle, you’ll get more tickets purchased. If you are raising money partly by selling goods, such as a bake sale or a craft show, you’ll sell more products. Plus, the parents will forever be grateful you entertained their children for a few hours for them.

More Likely to Return

Most people lead super busy lives. From work and career to family time and religious activities, there never seems to be enough time during the week to accomplish all that needs to be done. When you throw in an optional event like your fundraiser, people can be hesitant to take away time from doing something else they enjoy, such as reading a good book, to attend. This is why it’s imperative that you make your event incredibly fun and enjoyable for all of your attendees so that they will be more likely to return to your next fundraising event.

When you invest in inflatable bounce houses from Signature Event Rentals for your fundraising event, you are adding an element of fun to what normally could be a boring event. Inflatables naturally have people smiling, especially if their kids are having fun on them. If you entertain the kids, the adults will be more likely to return as well.

That’s not all you can do to add some spice to your fundraising event. Signature Event Rentals in Maryland, Virginia, and the DC area also offers stage rentals, as well as a PA system rental. With these, you can invite a local band to come and play music during your event of host a myriad of activities, such as a comedy show. The sky’s the limit for what you can do with a stage. From snow cones, cotton candy, popcorn, tents, and heaters, you can make one fantastic impression that your attendees will remember for next time.

Grab Attention

Those who stand out from the crowd and dare to dance to their own drummer leave impressions on others. They are often admired for their tendency to go against the grain. With your fundraising event, you want something that will grab people’s attention away from their phones just long enough to contribute money.

Inflatables by Signature Event Rentals are great ways to grab people’s attention. They are big and are visible from nearby roads, so if people are driving by and see your fundraising signs, they will be more likely to stop by. Our tent rentals are attention-grabbing as well, some being double-peaked that are indications that an event is going on. With great signage and our tents and inflatables, more people will likely notice and check your fundraising event out.


Our bounce house rentals are huge structures that are tall and will most definitely grab attention and let people know that you are having an event. Kids may even see them from the window of their parents’ car and ask to stop in and check it out. If you are having a fundraising event that benefits kids, such as raising money for a local school event or a kids’ illness, inflatables are a must to promote fun, memorableness, and to grab attention. After all, even though the goal of your fundraising event is to raise money for your cause, you do want attendees to have fun, to promote future events you host to their friends and family, and to come back. Plus, you just want to make sure they’re not wasting their precious time at a boring event when time is the greatest commodity we all possess.

Signature Event Rentals is passionate about helping you put on the best events, from fundraisers and weddings to employee appreciation days and kids’ birthday parties. We excel at customer service and desire to make this as easy as possible for you. For example, we clean the table linens once you are finished, and we can accommodate your pick-up and return needs. And if your rental needs do change (for example, you need less chairs than expected), just let us know! We’ll make adjustments up to seven business days prior to your event.

Signature Event Rentals in Virginia tries to make it as easy as possible when renting equipment from us. We offer an Equipment Protection Plan to protect you from charges from damaged rental equipment that is in your care. All of our rental equipment is cleaned and sanitized before and after every event, including our inflatables, in order to ensure no germs are spread (which is especially important for children). We do require adult supervision for all of our inflatable bounce house rentals, mainly for safety. Not to worry — we provide ample instructions for use. We are licensed and insured, and if the weather takes a turn for the worse, just let us know at least two business days in advance to reschedule. Contact us today for all your rental party needs!

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