How to Create the Perfect Wedding Playlist

How to Create the Perfect Wedding Playlist

It’s not just the trappings of the ceremony that can set the mood for your wedding. Playing the right music at the right time also helps make the whole event memorable for all attendees. And of course, it wouldn’t do to just have your theme song play over and over again in the background.

Here are some tips to help you pick a memorable wedding playlist to celebrate a magical occasion with dancing, singing and merry-making.

1. Include plenty of music

Depending on the length of the wedding reception, think around 3 to 5 hours worth of music. Add a mix of different genres. Make sure to mix up classic love songs with modern dance hits. But avoid playing anything that would disturb the sensibilities of your guests.

2. Comb through your shared playlists

The playlist should reflect the couple’s musical tastes. There are probably dozens of great wedding songs out there, but they wouldn’t do unless they actually bear meaning for you as a couple. It would be great if you choose songs that you both know.

3. Be aware of the key points in the ceremony and reception

Weddings are divided into recognizable sections, from the procession, to the entrance of the bride, the exchange of wedding vows, all the way to the reception. You should know each part of the event and prepare songs accordingly.

For example, you would want to fill the recessional with an upbeat song that would signal your celebration in your first walk as a married couple.

4. Listen to your entire playlist

Remember that a good wedding set list relies on fluctuations in tempo and energy to maximize people participation. Also, make sure that there are no awkward gaps, moments of silence, or weird transitions.

5. Make sure the sound plays right

It’s important to run your playlist through the people handling the audio video equipment, to make sure they sound right when they play. Then any technical adjustments that need to be made can be done way before the ceremony.

If you can, hire a professional DJ for your event so they can make sure your music plays perfectly. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback as well.


Of course, it goes without saying that one of the things you should invest in is a good set of audio video equipment. With this, your wedding is one vital component closer to a complete success.


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