Have Fun with Dad on Father’s Day!

Have Fun with Dad on Father’s Day!


Time flies really fast, and it’s Father’s Day again! Do you have something memorable in mind to give to your dad? Of course there’s the traditional stuff, like going on a camping trip or taking your dad to dinner. But this year, why not think out of the box a bit and go for something a little unusual?

Take your dad on a shopping spree. Shopping is something we tend to do on Mother’s Day, but dads need their dose of checkout madness, too! The place may be a bit different — like, a hardware store or an electronics store instead of the department store — but the thrill is just the same for the recipient.

Celebrate with memorable photos. We’ve gone digital, but there’s something really heart-warming about printed photos. You can compile your memories in an album and give it as a gift, or you can go full theatrical and hang these photos as streamers when treating your dad to a home-cooked meal!

Recreate favorite moments. Is there some time you remember that made your dad really happy? Or do you know of a nostalgic moment that he likes to relive? Take him on a trip down memory lane and recreate these moments! Make sure to take snapshots of his reaction.

Make an EDC gift. EDC stands for EveryDay Carry. These are stuff that are either useful or fun enough to carry everyday. Dads are more famous for forgetting little details than they are for being sentimental, but they are a good bit of both! So why not take advantage, and make a gift he’d love to carry everyday, one that can be packed with the rest of his belongings so he won’t lose it?

Write him something sweet. Chances are, we stopped writing Father’s Day poems back in school. They must miss the simple warmth of words, so indulge them with some written art instead! You can even set up a little program in which to read it!

It’s all about getting creative. Do something he won’t expect, and it’s a gift in turn to see his surprise transform into the sweetest smile!


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