Get Creative with Your Halloween Party Decor

Get Creative with Your Halloween Party Decor

Halloween is fast approaching. Have you started thinking of what party decor to use?

If you’re tired of the usual cotton ball cobwebs and hanging skeletons, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few ideas to upgrade your halloween decorations. 

1. Just because it’s halloween, doesn’t mean your decor can’t be cute. 

It’s simple: you just need to replace the scary ghost cut out with a cute one. Cut out a ghost shape but instead of putting scary eyes and teeth, put a couple of dots for the eyes and a cute smile. Optional: two pink dots on the cheeks. Then, put googly eyes on your jack o’lanterns.

Another way to cute-ify your decorations is to scatter cute spider plushies and cute bat ornaments instead of the creepy ones. This is perfect especially if your party is for kids and you don’t want to spook them too much. 

2. Make photos come to life. 

Turn off some lights to get the creepy vibe. Then, put up printed cut outs of scary images. Say you want a creepy white lady peeking at the window, all you have to do is find a similar image, print it out, and cut it’s outline to make it look like it’s peeking out of your window at a certain angle, instead of the one on the photo. You can put up as simple as a random hand to a full-on ghost.

3. Choose a theme and stick to it.

Instead of throwing out random scary stuff, pick a theme — be it a horror movie or a concept. For example, if you chose “Nightmare on Elm Street” as your theme, you can decorate according to what Freddy Krueger could scare you with. You may put up wall stickers that look like Freddy’s nail mark scratches, some fake blood smears on the walls and mirrors. For the ultimate scare, you may print out a big picture or a cut out standee of Freddy and put it in front of the bathroom mirror. Bonus points if you can keep the lighting a bit dark.

If you chose “zombies” as a concept, then you may stick to that when decorating. Don’t just stay with brains and zombie figures. You can also incorporate chopped rotting limbs and fake maggots. 


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