Fun Fundraising Event Ideas

Choosing a fundraising activity for your project or cause need not be difficult. There are a lot of things that you can do. You don’t need to make it complicated.

But you don’t want your activity to be boring either.

The trick to a successful fundraising event is getting help from friends, family, and your community to reach your goal. Make your event lots of fun so that everybody would be interested to participate and give money for your cause.

Here are some fundraising party ideas:

1. Entertainment Shows

fundraising eventLet everyone join in on a fundraising fashion show, talent show, variety show or even a battle of the bands. Raise funds from ticket sales as well as donations and merchandise.

2. Auctions and Sales

There is a variety of things you can auction aside from material things, like makeovers, date nights, homemade dinner, and food baskets. You can also commission local artists to auction their pieces. They get exposure and you get to help your community. Win-win!

If you’re tired of yard sales, another way to raise funds for your cause is to hold a bake sale, cook-off or used books sale.

3. Tournaments and Races

fundraising eventIf you prefer some competition, why not try a costumed race? Marathons are a great way to get funds, and you can hold different kinds, too. It could be a fun run, where you could raise funds from the participation fee as well as from selling merchandise.

And what about tournaments for fictional games, like a modified Quidditch?

Or if you like video games, how about an online gaming marathon? You can get donors to support by pledging challenges for the players, or by having sponsors for each team.

4. Raffles

Raffles are also one of the best ways to raise funds. Raffle off special items or a portion of the proceeds. You can also let the fundraising be the game itself. The person who raises the most money can keep a portion of the money.

5. Pet Get-Togethers

fundraising event - pets

If your cause has something to do with animals, you can organize an event where people can bring their pets, like a pet party! You can raise funds by selling costumes and treats, or have a place where people can get their dogs groomed.

6. Stores and Booths

If you want a full blast party, why not have a carnival where people have booths and pop-up stores. You can have a pop-up restaurant for those who’d like to cook, a pop-up car wash, or a  dollars-for-dares where you set up a certain price for a certain dare. Other options include Speed Dating, Haunted House Tour, and Happy Hour for those who like to drink.


popcorn concessionSet up some food booths for your fundraising event to add to your funds. Call Signature Event Rentals to reserve your food concession rentals.

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