Fun Fourth of July Party Ideas

Fun Fourth of July Party Ideas

Nothing beats Fourth of July celebrations! With the red, white, and blue flying high above  American households, you’ll have a lot of competition when it comes to throwing parties. So it’s time to level up your game with the following tips we have for you.

1. It’s not just the colors

Colors work best with textures, so when you’re displaying the American flag, it’s nice to pair it with something vintage so as to evoke the time of our Founding Fathers. You may find an old set of tables and chairs lurking around your shed, or your local furniture rental.

2. Healthy Stars and Stripes

Candies, marshmallows, and various sweets are very common treats during the Fourth of July, but you can make something healthier for your guests. For example, you can cut apples and watermelons into stars and bars, and throw them in with blueberries and cream for some delicious desert!

3. Paint the town

Banners and the like are another set of mainstays in Fourth of July parties, so why don’t you go one step higher and paint the ground instead? You can try coloring your lawn with construction marking spray paint. Stencils of stars and the flag can be easily made from cardboard, so this shouldn’t take long.

4. Patriotic Games

Instead of traditional game day fun and games, it’s also great to have something specifically to commemorate the holiday. You can print bingo cards with images of the country’s symbols, and this can be used to entertain the youngsters. For the grownups, something a little more challenging such as a quiz bee centered on US history and its Presidents could do.

5. Freedom of choice

Sparklers? Bubble makers? Party poppers? Why not have them all, and have your guests take their pick? Create a little corner in your party space, and put the poppers and sparklers in neat little jars where attendees have access to them anytime.

6. Dress up for fun

Stand out as a party host by donning your best Fourth of July costume! Whether you’re opting for a period costume or a fashion-forward red-white-and-blue outfit, wow your guests with a grand entrance and get ready to spice up your party!

There so many things you can do to keep your Fourth of July fun and awesome. It all depends on how creative you can be! It’s the land of the free, after all.


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