Serve Up a Fun Cocktail Party

Serve Up a Fun Cocktail Party

If you want to host a social event that’s both classy and fun, then a cocktail party is the way to go. These little gatherings are perfect for getting your friends together to discuss a certain topic, to introduce new acquaintances, or just to fill in an idle afternoon or evening with some fun conversations.

But since cocktail parties are no longer as common as they once were, setting one up can be a little tricky. Here are some tips that will help you out.

1. Plan way ahead of time.

Cocktail parties are by nature short (typically around 2 to 3 hours) so you and your guests don’t have to block a full day. But they are also fairly sophisticated and there are no cut-and-dried cocktail party solutions, unlike those for birthdays and similar parties. Plus, it’s easy to underestimate the prep time needed for such a small event.

Plan the specifics at least a month before the event, with the date, the theme, and the guest list in place. Think of the budget and the items to be served as well.

2. Serve sophistication.

Speaking of the food, you can splurge a little bit here. Cocktail parties rely on quality over quantity — bite-sized pieces of foie gras, for example, can add a really upscale touch to your event without breaking the bank. You don’t have to serve too many varieties, but at least give your attendees a good number of alternatives.

For drinks, you could also go full-bar with a bartender. At the very least, have a drink menu that would invite people to break “the usual” and try something exciting! 

3. Deck the halls.

Decorations should be subtle but expressive. You should also rent appropriately-sized tables and chairs. Small, round tables would be perfect to keep the people walking around, encouraging conversation. Simple lace designs (or any design according to your theme) would suffice. Remember, the stars of the cocktail party should be the people and their socialization, and not the decors.

And finally, don’t forget to prepare something with which to jazz up the event! This could be anywhere from a grand announcement to virtually anything that could wow the audience or keep them abuzz. This will leave them with great memories, no matter how short your cocktail party will be.


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