5 Fun Alternatives for A Memorable Baby Shower

Mothers-to-be deserve all the attention, love, and certainly, gifts that they’re “showered” with during a baby shower. A celebration of the upcoming birth of the baby, it also marks a first-time mom’s transition to motherhood.

While baby showers can be lots of fun for everyone, you don’t want to have a boring, cookie-cutter party.

For the expectant mother’s close friends, the ones who often host the baby shower, it’s up to you to plan a memorable gathering of the mom-to-be’s closest friends and relatives.

Here are some ideas on what you can do to celebrate the occasion, instead of the usual baby shower.

1. Baby Sprinkle

If the baby is not the expectant mother’s first child, it’s said to be more acceptable to host a baby sprinkle. Since it is becoming a trend nowadays, some also hold it after the birth and make it a bit of a girls’ night in. And since you’re not pregnant anymore, you can drink wine while you spend time with your best girl friends.

Dads can do this, too! It could be a “Dad-chelor” party where they say goodbye to their old bachelor ways and welcome the responsibility of being a dad.

2. Gender Reveal Party

Instead of hosting a shower, you can opt for a gender reveal. Let your guests take a guess on the baby’s gender. Divide the guests into two teams and let them have fun with activities and games.


baby shower - gender reveal


3. Diaper Raffle

Usually, guests come bearing gifts for the baby or the mom. But if you want to be more practical, you can ask for diapers instead of gifts. You can even host a raffle by giving them one entry for each diaper they bring. Prizes could include gift cards or a dinner at a great restaurant.

4. Brunch Out

If you don’t want to stress yourself out with hosting, you can just invite your close friends to have brunch at your favorite hangout place. It’s a casual and low-key affair, where you can also have time for gift-giving as well as opening of the presents.

5. Mother Blessing

This is inspired by the Diné Navajo tribe’s Blessingway, a sacred pre-birth ceremony celebrating the mother’s rite of passage. If your spiritual culture allows you, you can conduct your own ritual where the guests offer the mother a gift of some sort — like a prayer, a song, a poem, or even a bead to symbolize fertility.


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