Four Tips for a Nature-Inspired Wedding

Four Tips for a Nature-Inspired Wedding

Destination weddings are all the rage, but why not go one step further? Instead of being a simple backdrop, take nature into the folds of your ceremony with the following tips.

1. Use earthy colors

Being one with nature doesn’t just mean going outdoors and setting up your ceremony there. It also means blending in, and nothing quite does this as well as earthy colors.

By earthy, we don’t just mean greens and browns. There are many palettes to choose from, depending on the season and the location. Nature can mean the pastel shades of the beach, the pumpkin shades of autumn, or the darker shades of the forest. Take your pick and experiment with different color combinations.

2. Texture is key

Aside from the colors, there’s nothing more rustic than choosing decor that exudes the raw textures of nature. Rent tables and chairs with rugged barks, and build centerpieces with scaly pines and crunchy foliage. Or, imbibe the velvety sheen of water in your tents and tablecloths.

It’s not something we often pay attention to, but nature patterns can be monotonous when not chosen wisely. That’s why it’s important to have a selection of relevant palettes to keep things interesting.

3. Choose a highlight

nature inspiration

Once you have a base of colors and textures, it’s time to choose a complementary color to serve as the highlight. The color should still conform to your base palette, but the themed restrictions can be loosened a bit. If you’re going for an autumn vibe, for example, you can choose a lavender shade to highlight the bridesmaids’ gowns, the best man’s tie, and certain elements of the decor. Lavender looks good with the orange-y theme, and it’s also a natural color — though it doesn’t strictly conform to the autumn theme.

4. Go for earth-friendly items

Nothing says “natural” better than earth-friendly products! Wicker plates, for example, add a great touch to the reception. Table napkins made from recycled paper is also another example. Recycled or recyclable elements in your decor would give your wedding even more heart than before. And of course, plan for as little waste as possible!

Having a nature-inspired wedding doesn’t just mean imitating nature. It also means taking a cue from how nature looks and works, to get things right!


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