Do You Have Your Thanksgiving Event Rentals Reserved?

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it! And if you’ve been the lucky family member chosen to host this years’ festivities, you have likely been counting heads and trying to figure out how on earth everyone will fit around your dining table.

While this holiday is a wonderful time for the family (or friends if you’re hosting an annual ‘Friendsgiving’ celebration) to get together, it also ends up leading to one household sacrificing their home, kitchen, and sanity while trying to coordinate people and food for an entire day.

Here at Signature Event Rentals, your Fredericksburg party rentals vendor, we’re here to help your Thanksgiving day celebrations go off without a hitch! Keep reading to find out which essentials you’ll need for the big day.

Rent Tables — And Not Just For Dinner!

If your home will be busier on Thanksgiving than usual, you will want to make sure everyone has a place to sit. However, round dinner table rentals aren’t the only tables you will need. You might also want to rent a banquet table to set up a buffet line. This will make getting everyone served and seated a breeze so the feast can start!

Make Sure Everyone Has A Place To Sit With Chair Rentals

Have you ever been to a dinner party where the host didn’t remember to rent chairs and you ended up sitting in a beach chair at the dinner table? Rather than foraging around your home for objects that might pass as a chair in a pinch, just reserve chair rentals for your guests. Our simple white folding chair rentals make a great affordable option for this purpose.

Keep The Kids Entertained

When trying to coordinate the turkey and the side dishes, having kiddos run around the house can spell disaster. Since this is a family holiday, after all, if you will have a home full of little nieces, nephews, cousins, and your own children, keep them entertained with a bounce house rental from Signature Event Rentals! Our crew can safely set an inflatable bouncy castle up in your backyard and, while it might be a little chilly in November, the kids will stay warm by bouncing off the walls — literally!

We Have The Fredericksburg Event Rentals You Need!

Make sure everyone has a place to sit at the Thanksgiving table this year! At Signature Event Rentals, we can provide high-quality table and chair rentals, as well as linen rentals to kick your party up a notch. Browse our website today to reserve your rentals in time for Thanksgiving!

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