How to Have A Delightfully Frightful Halloween Party

How to Have A Delightfully Frightful Halloween Party

Halloween is that time of the year when the out-of-this-world is the norm. For the one organizing the party, that means you can indulge in some really creative ideas!

We have put together a few tips you could use for a Halloween party no one would forget.

1. Set your eyes on a theme

“Halloween” is a broad concept, and to stand out from the stream of cut-out bats, cotton spider webs, and ready-made jack-o’-lanterns, you need to have a solid theme.

Thankfully, there are lots to choose from. You could turn your party into a classic by taking from iconic horror movies as an inspiration, or you could turn up the uncanny factor by hosting a murder mystery on your event!

How about some fun, easy mashups? A Zombie Simpsons theme could be setup in any home, while a Grease Thriller theme could be setup in your school gym.

2. Dress up

And if you don’t want to host the usual Halloween costume party, you can instead have your guests bring their creepy creations in a weird twist of show-and-tell where they tell a scary story that’s related to their Halloween costume.

Make it a contest by having everyone vote for the best (creepiest!) costume and best (scariest!) story.

Of course, don’t forget to dress up your venue accordingly! Ask your local supplier if they can rent out chairs and tables that are more suited to the theme, so you don’t have to spend too much time decorating them.

3. Hand out some treats to remember

Your guests will even be more spooked with some customized trick-or-treat bags. Search for “Halloween printable labels” on Google. Print then use these on your chocolate bars and candy bites, to make them a little more special for the occasion. If treats aren’t your thing, there are lots of seasonal giveaway ideas, from home decors to party food recipes.

We have more fun Halloween party ideas here.

Mix all these tips up, and you get a Halloween party that is as cool and spooky as you want it to be!


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