Cool Pool Party Ideas for One Smashing Summer

Summer isn’t complete without at least one awesome pool party. Ultimately, your party will be judged by how much fun everyone had.

So how do you plan one that your guests won’t forget even when summer’s already gone? Here are some ideas:

Dress up your pool

Dress up your pool any way you like! You can have water toys, floaters, or balloons for the kids, or weighted hula-hoop obstacle courses and water cannons for the teens and adults.

Don’t forget the immediate area around the pool as well. It helps if you think up a theme to tie everything together, from the pool decor to the table and chairs you will be renting. Don’t confine yourself to the basic summer or tropical ideas! You don’t have to stick to daytime parties either — night pool parties are equally fun.

Food and drinks galore

Ice cream carts are mainstays in the hot summer days, and they are perfect for pool parties as well. You can also serve special drinks, such as light cocktails or creative beverages such as pool-colored drinks. Add savory food items such as mini kebabs freshly grilled poolside!

All the cool games

Don’t expect everyone to just lounge around all the time, so prepare some games to set the mood. How about a round of squirt gun fights? Or pool basketball? You can also make them forget the heat as they dive in to find the hidden coin at the bottom of the pool.

kiddie pool party


Safety first

Remember, parties are all about fun and you would want to make sure nothing gets in your guests’ way. This is especially true when the sun is blazing hot, and no one wants to do more than what it takes to have fun. Rent big umbrellas for shade, and set up the place so that all essentials are within arm’s reach of the guests.


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