Have A Sweet Coffee and Dessert Birthday Party

Have A Sweet Coffee and Dessert Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party soon? Break the mold and skip the extravagant preparations.

Add a lot of class and elegance to your birthday celebration by going for a coffee-and-dessert theme party. Not only will this set you apart, the setup will also allow for more conversations and lots of socializing among the attendees. It also serves as a grand opportunity to treat your guests (and yourself) to a medley of sweet treats including cakes, pies and pastries. This is best for an intimate gathering of close family and friends who share a love of great coffee and rich, sinful desserts.

Here are a few tips to get you started on your coffee and dessert party.

1. Plan the pacing and the plating.

Serving only coffee and desserts could run you the risk of sugar rushing everyone in the party. Plan the food so that they play out like traditional 3-course meals. Serve the first batch of desserts as a “teaser”, the second as the centerpiece of the party, and the last one as a filler for those hungry for more. Since you’re going for the wow factor, plan the presentation as well to make your desserts a feast for the eyes.

2. Explore coffee.

Coffee serves as a great counterpoint to the sweetness of the desserts, but it could come in a myriad of forms. Aside from the venerable cup of coffee, you can incorporate coffee in the desserts themselves and in other concoctions. Mug cakes in particular are a great fusion of the two!

3. Seat accordingly.

Since this isn’t the usual sit-down type of party, you might want to go for small round tables instead of long rectangular ones. This lets your guests mingle with each other easily, while still letting them munch on the treats you prepared. You could also adorn these tables with little themed centerpieces to attract more conversation. Have a single bigger table ready where the food will be displayed and where the guests could go to have their fill.

Having a coffee and dessert birthday party is sure to give everyone a sweet time. Here, only one thing will matter — the company and camaraderie of the attendees. It’s not the giveaways nor the games that will shape the party, but you and your guests! Even the coffee and desserts will only serve as a backdrop to this.


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