5 Ways to Celebrate A Meaningful Memorial Day

5 Ways to Celebrate A Meaningful Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday that grows in meaning as time passes. Stay in tune with this meaning as you celebrate, through the following tips!

1. Invite the neighborhood vets.

There’s no amount of preparation or decoration that will replace having a real, live vet in your celebration. If you know any in your neighborhood, invite them — the celebration is all about their experience, after all! Make sure you give them the floor so they could address people with their experiences and the lessons they learned in service.

2. Lead your kids in making patriotic crafts.

Help your kids make decors such as star-spangled wreaths, or even marching drums made from milk cans or biscuit containers. No kids? No problem — you can make some and give them away to the kids who will be part of your celebration.

3. Make some patriotic desserts.

Aside from the red, white, and blue streamers and flag-themed table toppers, try giving your desserts a twist and incorporate the American colors! Pretzels dipped in white choco and red-and-blue candy sprinkles are great, and you can even grab some red-and-blue M&Ms and sprinkle them anywhere that could taste better with chocolate. If you’re making something creamy, adorn the white whipped cream or frosting with red-and-blue gelatin!

4. Invite guests to bring something for a care kit.

Make your celebration extra-meaningful by making a drop box its center. Invite your friends and family to put in any donation they wish, which will then be used to buy or assemble care kits, to be sent over to military personnel still in service abroad. If you have kids, engage them by having them write a letter of thanks for the veterans’ service.

5. String some Buddy Poppies.

The Buddy Poppy program is overseen by the VFW to help promote donations to aged and hospitalized veterans. Add some Buddy Poppies to your design to help spread the word, and encourage your visitors to lend a helping hand to those who once defended the country’s freedom and honor!

Early preparation is key, so start looking around as the date approaches. It’s not everyday we get a chance to appreciate our vets, and give back to them in memory and in kind!

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