How To Capture Great Holiday Season Photos

How To Capture Great Holiday Season Photos

Holiday parties are here and you know you’ll be taking a flood of photos. You take your fancy camera or maybe just your phone camera to Christmas and New Year parties and other family holiday gatherings to preserve those precious memories for many years to come.

If you want to improve your photography skills, here are some tips to help you take better pictures during the holiday season.

1. Capture personality.

After you’ve taken the obligatory pictures, you should aim for unique pictures. Find distinctive angles. Try to capture holiday season photos that no one has seen before.  Find images that moves your heart, in the same way a composer creates music that move him. If you can, avoid clichéd poses.

2. Chase moments.

holiday season photo

Aim to capture the essence of what is happening, instead of shouting “look at the camera!” If it’s a party, show people laughing, sharing a drink, and dancing. If it’s a dinner, show people exchanging stories, hugging and laughing. While there is nothing really wrong with posed photos, going for candid results to more interesting photos and is better for capturing memories. Move around the room, look for moments and actions, instead of poses.

3. Go eye-to-eye with the kids.

Don’t forget to observe the kids, they will grow up fast enough to miss. So when with kids, capture memories and go down to meet their eye-level. Pictures taken from above will feel cold and look distant. Try squatting down or sitting on the floor. Images you capture will be more personal and memorable.

4. Avoid using the flash.

Using the flash when taking photos results in washed-out colors and unnatural shadows. Yet turning it off might result in blurry or grainy photos. The solution? Fix your ISO settings. This will help you get better shots. Moreover, should you need lighting, adjust the ISO instead of using flash.

5. Put down the camera.

This is not counter-intuitive. You need to give yourself time to enjoy the holidays, too. Instead of taking more than a hundred pictures of the same scene — like relatives/friends opening their presents, just take a few, put the camera down and join them. Be intentional in taking less photos to condition yourself to take better photos, knowing you only get to take a handful.


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