Buffet vs. Plated Dinner: What’s Best for Your Wedding Banquet?

Choosing how to cater for your wedding is a big deal as it affects the flow of your reception. This is especially true if you have a program going on while your guests are dining.

Here’s a comparison between buffet and plated dinner, to help you choose what fits your event better.


Buffets are considered casual when it comes to weddings, so if you aren’t too keen on keeping everything formal, you can choose to have your guests fall in line for food. Furthermore, buffets provide more freedom to get second helpings. But if you prefer to have a little bit more order, choose plated dinners. Guests don’t need to be ushered into a queue. Additionally, they’ll appreciate that they are served at the same time, providing a unified experience for everyone.


Both will save you money, in comparison to other kinds. However, choosing the buffet style saves you both on food cost and service fees. This is mostly because having a plated dinner will require you to hire and pay for more staff.


Having too many different kinds of food could also result to food wastage. Plated dinners resolve that by only giving guests a limited amount of food. While buffet offers a bit more variety of selections, there is always a possibility that the last guests will be greeted by half-empty serving trays


Plated dinners doesn’t give your guests much of a choice. When it comes to allergies, dietary restrictions and preferences, buffet style allows the guests more freedom to choose and/or avoid certain foods. Unless you have a small number of guests with certain restrictions, choosing a buffet style is more advantageous.

Program and Flow

By choosing plated dinners, activities like toasts, speeches, dances and intermission numbers, could be enjoyed by everyone. Also, accidents are less likely as there will be fewer guests trying to balance their plate and drink while maneuvering in a maze of tables and chairs.

In a nutshell, buffets are more casual and cheaper, while plated dinners are more convenient and more systematic.

Whichever you choose, make sure that you cover all your bases.


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