How to Beat The Heat on Your Summer Wedding

How To Beat The Heat on Your Summer Wedding


Summer has come, and summer wedding preparations are well underway! There’s just one problem that everyone — the bride and groom, and the guests too — often forget to account for. And that’s the summer heat! Don’t worry, though, we have these tips to help you out to make sure your ceremony isn’t stumped by sticky sweat.

1. Mind the clothes

This sounds like a no-brainer, but there are too many couples who forget that a multi-layered, flowing gown may not be practical for the weather. Even the groom’s tux might have to be swapped out for something cooler. If you would really want to strut your style, there are materials you can swap out to make your clothes lighter. This includes using linen for groom and groomsmen attire, and chiffon for the wedding gown. Brides and bridesmaids-can opt for summer appropriate styles like sleeveless or short-sleeve gowns in light fabrics.

2. Don’t forget ventilation

Outdoor events are very popular during summer, but if you’re going to schedule parts of your ceremony indoors it’s important to put a priority on ventilation. Air conditioning might be required especially during daytime, or at the very least you could spend some of your budget on fan rental.

3. Keep your guests hydrated

Keeping water stations around your venue might be a good idea — or, if you want to be classier, you can have waiters going around and offering various refreshments. If you have the budget to spare, you can even use this as a means to personalize the event even further. Printing customized labels for your bottles of refreshments will add a good touch to your wedding!

Also, be careful when serving cold treats, especially if they’re heavy on sugar. They might be refreshing in the short term, but if the heat goes on your guests might be more prone to dehydration’s effects when munching on these.

4. Stay in tune with the weather

If there’s one thing that’s impossible to totally pin down on your wedding day, it’s the weather. But whatever happens you can always mitigate its effects. Talk with your event organizer about the probability of providing summer-related items from water spritzers to bug sprays. Sunglasses might be made available, too.

Summer’s a grand time, especially if you take time to prepare for the heat! With just a few additions to your planning, you can make your wedding ceremony a perfect time for all.


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