7 Ideas For an Enjoyable Bridal Shower

7 Ideas For an Enjoyable Bridal Shower

Throwing a bridal shower is hard enough and the pressure is on to find worthwhile activities for the bride and her guests to do. Usually the bride gets the traditional sharing of meal and stories a la tea party or sit-down dinner. If you want something that’s unconventional but still enjoyable, here are some ideas to choose from.

1. Spa Soirée

To help the bride refresh before her big day, booking a spa day is the best way to get pampered. Getting manicures, pedicures and facials are sure to remove the stresses of the wedding planning.

2. Yoga Party

Breathe in and breathe out as you plan for your memorable event with your besties. channel the minimalist and meditative ambiance of a yoga studio when decorating your venue.

3. Crafting Carouse

DIY parties are always fun, most especially if you aren’t creative at all. Laugh with and amongst yourselves as you try to follow a DIY craft tutorial from Youtube.

4. Bridal Quiz Bee

bridal shower

Instead of trivia about the outside world, the trivia questions will be about the bride or about the couple. Instead of giving incentives for each correct answer, give fun penalties like drawing on their faces with makeup or by doing shots.

5. Unadulterated Vegas Bash

Instead of going to Vegas and gambling, why not go to a family entertainment center and enjoy yourselves there? Almost everyone is a kid at heart and will most likely enjoy the arcade games and the claw machines.

6. Baking-themed Pounding

There is an old-fashioned kind of a bridal shower where the guests are supposed to give the couple items to stock their pantries. But to give it a bit of a twist, the guests will only bring ingredients and items that your group can use to bake yourselves some treats. It’s a baking party!

7. Sleep-over Shindig

Take your relaxation even further by making it a sleepover. Use this time to catch up and bond. You can have a movie marathon of your favorite romantic comedies about weddings, or binge-watch TV series like Bridezillas or Cupcake Wars.

Black-&-White Dance Floor

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