5 Tips for a Wonderful Winter Wedding

5 Tips for a Wonderful Winter Wedding

While brides favor summer or spring weddings, having a winter wedding can be just as beautiful, if not more so.

Consider these advantages for having a winter wedding date:

  • You avoid the hurricane season.
  • Wedding suppliers may be more inclined to negotiate prices since it’s a slower wedding season.
  • Possible off-season discounts on your honeymoon destination.
  • Dreamy, white wedding theme

If you’re now convinced to walk down the altar during the winter season, consider these wedding tips for a wonderful winter wedding:

1. White wedding theme

What could be more magical than a white winter wedding? Add seasonal accents like glittery metallics, faux fur, and seasonal foliage. Why not throw in some “ice” or crystal and diamonds or diamond-like decor and accessories? An ice sculpture would a real conversation piece.

2. Wear warm clothing

Be practical and keep warm. For the bride, consider choosing a long-sleeved gown. Otherwise, you may want to exchange your veil for a cape, a jacket, a shawl or a wrap, or at least wear gloves. Additionally, having a full, floor-length skirt will allow you to wear thick tights under your dress, which you will be thankful for later on.

3. Keep your guests warm

You may serve mulled wine, herbal tea, irish coffee, hot chocolate, and hot apple cider. Other options include buttered rum. You may also opt to provide them shawls, wraps or mittens upon arriving, which they can take home later as souvenirs.

4. Heated venue

It’s best to hold your wedding in an indoor venue. You can rent an inn with a fireplace, a private club or a historic mansion. Whatever venue you choose for your wedding, make sure it’s adequately heated during the winter months.

5. Ditch the heels!

Wear winter boots instead. Your feet will thank you later. Assume the worst weather and let your bridesmaids also wear boots. Preparing for the worst is better than having to dip your toes into snow (or worst: rain puddles).

Don’t get discouraged by the bad rep winter weddings usually get. As long as you prepare for it properly, it’s possible to have a beautiful event, with memories that would last you a lifetime.

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