5 Reasons To Love Our Gold And Silver Chiavari Chairs

Whether you are planning a wedding, an anniversary party, or corporate holiday party, or some other exciting event, there is one thing you absolutely cannot avoid: seating. Whether your guests will be seated around tables or in rows, or both, having a sturdy and comfortable chair for each guest is essential.

When it comes to chair rentals in Fredericksburg, VA, you have a few options. When choosing chairs from Signature Event Rentals, you can count on the fact that our chairs are in good condition and can hold plenty of weight. Even our most affordable chair rentals can hold up to 300 pounds! However, if you have some room in your budget for a nicer chair option and truly want to wow your guests when they walk into the venue, then Chiavari chairs are the way to go.

Chiavari chairs, also known as Tiffany chairs, were invented in 1807 by a cabinet maker in Chiavari, a town in northern Italy. The chairs were a major success and are still the most popular wedding chair rentals available for both small and big-budget weddings. We’re positive that you will love our gold and silver Chiavari chairs for rent as soon as you see them, but just in case you need some convincing, we’re providing five reasons to love our Chiavari chair rentals below!

5 Reasons To Rent Chiavari Chairs

  1. They are practical: The most important benefit of Chiavari chairs is that they are practical. They are lightweight, yet sturdy and beautiful, yet affordable. You truly cannot go wrong with a Chiavari chair for your Fredericksburg or D.C.-area event.
  2. Chiavari chairs are classy and sophisticated: From presidents to queens to celebrities, Chiavari chairs have been the chair of choice for elegant and important events. While white folding chairs are fine and certainly get the job done, if you are concerned about your big event looking and feeling glamorous, then consider upgrading to Chiavari chairs.
  3. You can have a matching throne: You heard that right! On your big day, you want to feel like a king or queen. Thankfully, when you choose Signature Events as your event and wedding rentals company, you can also rent a throne chair in colors that match your Chiavari chair rentals. We offer a silver and white throne loveseat for rent which perfectly matches the color and style of our white and silver Chiavari chair rentals. If you are looking for gold Chiavari chairs for rent, then also consider our gold throne rental to match!
  4. Chiavari chairs are comfortable: Some other event rental companies offer Chiavari chairs without pads. We know your guests deserve the best, so our gold and silver Chiavari chairs come with either a white or black seat pad to fit your other event decor. The padding is thicker than the padding on our white folding chairs, making them even more comfortable for sitting.
  5. They are timeless: What other items have hardly changed since the early 1800s and are still considered stylish today? You will find Chiavari chairs at royal weddings and backyard weddings, at country clubs and in humble kitchens. They never go out of style and they always look good.

Rent Gold and Silver Chiavari Chairs For Your Next Event!

Choosing to rent Chiavari chairs for a wedding or party does more than simply make the event look better. It also changes how an event feels, making a simple wedding feel like an upscale event or turning a boring holiday party into a winter wonderland. Impress your guests and make your event look and feel elegant and classy with Chiavari chair rentals from Signature Event Rentals!

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